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Masks 23 Published

AlephTwo has brought out my Twenty-Third Masks story as a Kindle e-book through Amazon, as of April 29, 2024!

Masks 23: Cold Hunger

"Some threats come from outside. Some are left over from the past. Multiple supers are required to deal with a threat which is both."

Masks 22 Published

AlephTwo has brought out my Twenty-Second Masks story as a Kindle e-book through Amazon, as of December 13, 2023!

Masks 22: Golden Opportunity

"There are greedy people in this world. Some are greedy enough to risk the ire of one of the most powerful supers who has ever lived."

Masks 21 Published

AlephTwo has brought out my Twenty-first Masks story as a Kindle e-book through Amazon, as of November 17, 2023!

Masks 21: Scavenger Hunt

"In the aftermath of the museum thefts in the previous stories, we discover what those items were wanted for. As well as what the mastermind behind the robberies wants with Vic."

Masks 20 Published

AlephTwo has brought out my Twentieth Masks story as a Kindle e-book through Amazon, as of October 22, 2023!

Masks 20: The Menace of the Mechanical Master

"In a world with masterminds and mad inventors, sometimes the merely brilliant get overlooked. Where is the line drawn, though? Is a gadgeteer less impressive because their work was for theme parks and similar entertainments, rather than to aid some grandiose criminal plan? Abner Sturgeon built some of the most intricate and complicated mechanical devices in history, but was fired after the company he worked for went digital. Now, his work is appreciated by nearly everyone except his former bosses. Appreciated and valued. Especially by a certain class of supervillain. Because some problems need old-fashioned solutions."

Masks 19 Published

AlephTwo has brought out my nineteenth Masks story as a Kindle e-book through Amazon, as of July 7, 2023!

Masks 19: Keeping the Peace

After her deputy is seriously injured in Seattle and accused of multiple murders, Brade asks Lawrence Hawthorne to investigate. He takes on the task with his new assistant, Sally. Nick and Nora they ain't!

AlephTwo, associated with Doppler Press, has published an anthology of my stories as a Kindle e-book through Amazon, as of June 27, 2023!

Murder at the Shapeshifters' Ball

An anthology of transformation stories, in genre varying from hard SF to pure fantasy.

Masks 18 Published!

Doppler Press has brought out my eighteenth Masks story as a Kindle e-book through Amazon, as of August 27, 2022!

Masks 18: Chaos Theory

Life goes on. Unfortunately, some people won't let a little thing like an interstellar war change their way of thinking.

Masks 17 Published!

Doppler Press has brought out my seventeenth Masks story as a Kindle e-book through Amazon, as of May 4, 2022!

Masks 17: Fallout!

There is still much to correct following the war. Some of it has been brewing for a long time.

Read about the history of the Masks universe at the link below!

A partial timeline of the Masks Universe

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Some of my fiction (Note: This section contains some mildly risqué material.)

Wolf Penned In William Peabody is an adult, now, with adult responsibilities. Unfortunately, some of those clash with his nature as a Changeling Wolf Pooka. (Set in White Wolf's Changeling: The Dreaming role-playing game universe. Sexual situations and violence.)

Masks XVIII Posted November 14, 2017. Masks XVIII

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