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     Note: Many of these images contain nudity, or might otherwise be offensive. Each of the images here is posted with the artist's permission. Please note that all this material is Copyright Rodford Edmiston Smith, and cannot be legally reproduced without my permission (though links to this page or specific files are fine).

Portrait of me, by Jim Groat

Portrait of Marian Holst, from my Gifted Saga stories. Read them at: The Gifted Saga

Another Marian Holst image

Marian has access problems

Always knock. Especially when the person you might be catching in an embarrassing moment outweighs you my most of a tonne.

Marian Holst lets Adamant talk her into something. Read their stories at: The Gifted Saga

How and Tina, having a cuddle. Read their stories at: The Fox Kid. Just scroll down to their section.

Foxx and Wolfe pose for a business photo. Read their stories at: Foxx And Wolfe, Supernatural Detectives. Just scroll down to their section.

Lisa Dawnwind, werecougar, in the awesome midform. She appears in several of the stories at: The Fox Kid. Just scroll down to the Fox Kid section.

Illustration for my story The Old Family Farm, which can be found at: The Old Family Farm

Poni is an exotic dancer... a very exotic dancer... a palomino

Poni is blond all over

Poni, by Melody Rondeau

Poni returning to her dressing room after a hard show

Face-on color image of Runner, a Bluegrass Elf

Runner, in a moment of introspection, by Terrie Smith.

Even elves dress down sometimes

Model sheet for a clothed Runner

Model sheet for a naked Runner

Detail of Runner's convertible foot design

Detail of Runner's hand

Runner getting casual while on vacation

Runner getting really casual while on vacation

One of the disadvantages of being a furry

A color profile of Runner

Runner out for a pleasant walk in the park

Runner doing a little old-fashioned fishing

Runner eats what she catches

Foolishly dangerous, even for a werewolf

Steamboat, the 800 year old juvenile delinquent

Some people make friends easily

Template, whose stories can be found at: Transformations

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