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Marian Holst drawing by me

A listing of stories on this site which involve Marian Holst.

If Wishes Were Horses
One More Day
A World of Her Own
Weekend at the Office
Sweet Revenge
Hot Time
A Taste of Rage
The Cold From Beyond

New story: Quadrupedal Stability On 02/16/'07 I posted a story set in the Gifted Saga universe. Can even having four on the floor help Marian Holst in an ice storm? :-) Quadrupedal Stability

Stories from the future of the Gifted Earth, featuring one of Marian's descendants. Also, a brief description of the centaur society Marian and others create.

Part 1
Part 2
Centaur Society

A group of loosely connected stories set in contemporary America:

Bastion, Part One

Bastion, Part Two

The Old Family Farm

Here's an illo for The Old Family Farm

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