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Anthropomorphic Images and Stories

Me, via Jim Groat, posted with permission.


Here is Poni, an equine exotic dancer.

An image of Poni by me.
And as portrayed by Melody Rondeau, posted with permission.

Runner is a Bluegrass Elf. They're smaller and more feral than their European cousins. :-)

Here is a wonderful image by Terrie Smith, posted with permission. (Mild Nudity)
One of my Runner images.
Runner fishing naked.
Runner strutting proudly.

Miscellaneous Were Creatures

This is Lisa Dawnwind, a character I play in the Werewolf RPG. Don't call her a furry! (Mild Nudity)
A werewolf taking a foolish risk. ;-{)

Other furry images can be found in My general art folder

For furry stories see My general stories folder and My transformation stories folder

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