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      Yes, I have my own gaming system, named Interworld. In it you can find rules for playing characters in The Gifted Saga and many of my other story series.

Here are the basic Interworld rules. This is a generic system with additional modules for specific games. (An update is overdue and will hopefully be posted early in 2003.) For instance, I have developed rule modules for Wendy Pini's World of Two Moons (aka Abode). (Note that this module refers to material © WARP Graphics and is used without permission.) Described below are some of the many (too many, really ;-{) modules, with appropriate links.

     If you are interested in Marian Holst, my Gifted Saga centaur, check out this drawing by me. Stories about Marian and other Gifted can be found at: The Gifted Saga.

The Gifted Saga modules are Gifted Saga Introduction, and the actual Gifted Saga module for playing the game. (This contains some of the same info as the introduction, so don't worry if the first part looks familiar.) People interested in running a Gifted Saga campaign should check out the Gifted Saga Game Master's Notes. Additional rule documents are the Gifted Saga Timeline, the detailed Interworld Magic Rules, extra Interworld Disadvantages for character designs, and the sample character sheet for Marian. Works in progress include the Interworld Expanded Martial Arts Rules and the Interworld Expanded Psionics Rules (still in development, with the last revision made in 12/01).

     The Gifted are immune to aging and disease, and are hard to kill. To find out what the future of their world will be like, after the fall of civilization (not their fault) check out the Future Gifted Saga. Additional modules for this game describe the strange, new Creatures of the Future Gifted Saga around, the Future Gifted Saga Great Work, and the Future Gifted Saga Opening Scenario.

     Gateways is a module for a alternate universe exploration game.

     Ostland is a fantasy game set in a world of ancient magic.

   The Modern Age lets you play a pulp adventurer in 1937 San Francisco. The Modern Age Game Master's Notes can be found here. The Interworld Magic Rules and Interworld Martial Arts (currently incomplete) expansion modules will be also be useful for playing these games.

     For those who like to ride wolves, here is a module for Elfquest. Again, this is done strictly for the entertainment of those who are fans of the works of Wendy Pini and is not intended as an infringement of the WARP Graphics Copyright. (Elfquest, its logos, characters, situations, all related indicia and their distinctive likenesses are Trademarks of Warp Graphics, Inc. All rights reserved.)

     Additional modules by me are Interworld Developmental Levels (primarily for SF games) and exploration Interworld Equipment lists (intended primarily for Gateways.)

     I also play and referee in White Wolf's World of Darkness. Here is a module I created for playing werewolves in southeastern Kentucky in 1899: The Dark Hills using the Werewolf: The Wild West rules.

     And this is one I developed for Changeling: The Dreaming: The Chalice Restored.

     I also like Aberrant. Here is a module I created for it: Sin City. This is a pun on Cincinnati, and has no connection with the comic or movie. (Updated 11/22/2009)

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