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      An eclectic assortment of art, fiction, science and stuff too weird to easily categorize. Be warned: several of these pages contain material which will be offensive to some people, and some which is definitely intended for adults only. However, there is much here which is suitable for all ages, and some for which those responsible for others should make their own decisions.

The most recent update was my photos of the 2016 MidAmeriCon II posted on August 30, 2016:

Here are my photos from the 2016 World Science Fiction Convention (WorldCon), MidAmeriCon II in Saint Louis, Missouri, August 17 - 21:

2016 MidAmeriCon science ficion convention

2016 MarCon Science Ficion Convention (held in Columbus, Ohio)

The 2017 ConGlomeration images were posted on April 9, 2017:

2017 ConGlomeration Science Ficion Convention (held in Louisville, Kentucky)

The 2016 MillenniCon photos were posted on March 28, 2016:

2016 MillenniCon Science Ficion Convention (held north of Cincinnati)

Check out the the Bugout and Get Home Bag Excel file: Bugout and Get Home Bags

My Flickr convention photo albums. Click the link below to browse.

Click here for links to my convention photos on Flickr.

Here There Be Centaurs Links to the 'TaurRing, and to my centaur stories and artwork.

Nerdhaven Picked on because you're smarter than "they" are and not interested in "normal" things? Try the ideas presented here. No guarantees, but some suggestions which should help (for both nerds and their families and friends) and lots of commiseration.

Some of my fiction (Note: This section contains some mildly risqué material.)

Wolf Penned In William Peabody is an adult, now, with adult responsibilities. Unfortunately, some of those clash with his nature as a Changeling Wolf Pooka. (Set in White Wolf's Changeling: The Dreaming role-playing game universe. Sexual situations and violence.)

Masks XVIII Posted November 14, 2017. Masks XVIII

Important announcement!

Doppler Press has brought out my third Masks story as a Kindle e-book through Amazon, as of November 20, 2017!

Template and Energia

Alien Queens, vampire teens and deadly machines!

You can also still buy the first and second Masks stories at: Template: A Masks Story

Template: A Masks Story

Template the Intrepid

Template thought that fighting mad geniuses and superpowered brutes was tough. Now she's looking back fondly on those days as she works to establish a school for the next generation of supers!

You can also still buy the first Masks story at: Template: A Masks Story


Template: A Masks Story


A partial timeline of the Masks Universe

Some of my artwork and some by other people (Note that some of the pieces are risqué.) This material is Copyrighted; please don't repost without permission of both myself and the artist. I made sure to get permission; you should, too.

Transformations Stories, artwork and links (including to the TF-Ring) involving physical transformations. Much of this material describes violent activities or sexual situations and is not intended for children, though the Jackie and Jill stories (in the Fox Kid section) may be enjoyed by all ages. Parents, if you are in doubt about a particular story, please check it for yourselves. Who knows; you might find something you like. :-)

New story: Catamount All the completed Lisa Dawnwind stories posted May 16, 2010. Just scroll down a bit after clicking the link to find the list.

Furries Anthropomorphic artwork and stories, with links. (Note that much of this material is not intended for children.)

Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention Photos

Role-Playing Games Role-Playing Game Materials, for my own Interworld game and commercial games. The most recent work is a module I created for White Wolf's Aberrant RPG: Sin City. Updated February 16, 2005. (This is a pun on Cincinnati, with no connection to the comics and movies.)

The Joy of High Tech! Articles on interesting facets of technology. The column Technological Detours was posted on May 24, 2016: Technological detours

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