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The Gifted Saga

Note: Many of these stories contain adult situations, but nothing more extreme than you can see on nighttime network TV, with exceptions as noted. (See the cautions beside the links to the specific stories in question.)

Alpha Centauress

If Wishes Were Horses

One More Day

A World Of Her Own

Sweet Revenge How do you get back at someone who can't be harmed?

Weekend At The Office

Hot Time

A Taste Of Rage

The Price Of Their Tantrums

Bear Came Over The Mountain

The Human Touch (Caution! Adult story!)

The Cold From Beyond

The Chateau (Caution! Adult story!)

Supernatural Selection

Tiger, Sideways

Empire's Fall, Part One

Empire's Fall, Part Two

Centaur Biology And Society

The Creatures In The Future Of The Gifted Saga (RPG Rules)

Misdirection What happens when something desperately wished for happens to someone who doesn't want it?

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