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Misdirection: A Gifted Saga


Rodford Edmiston

Alex was struggling, making various sounds of aggravation in the narrow confines of the restroom stall.

"You okay over there?" came an echoing voice from next door.

"Jeans are too tight," Alex grunted, yanking repeatedly at the waistband. "I swear, they shrunk since this morning."

"Well, flying can do strange things to a gal's body."

Alex finally succeeded in getting her clothing in place and, with a sigh of relief, exited the stall. She was just finishing brushing her hair when her temporary neighbor came out. An attractive young black woman, she made a point of examining Alex's jeans.

"Those are tight," she agreed, nodding. "They look good on you. You have them custom altered?"

"No, they're off-the-shelf Levi's," said Alex.

The woman didn't quite seem to believe her, but Alex didn't have time for further discussion. She was late enough as it was.

The airport wasn't very crowded this late in the day. Well, night, really; early evening. Fortunately, Alex's flight had been mostly to the north, so she was used to this time zone. She looked around expectantly as she left the security area, wondering if anyone would be there to meet her. She saw a woman who looked familiar, and who was waving. With a bit of a shock she realized that was Louis, or rather, Louise.

Alex hurried over, her carry-on trailing behind her. Their greeting hug was a bit awkward, but still warm. When they finished Alex stepped back a bit to examine her friend.

"I'm glad there's someone here to meet me," said Alex, deciding any attempt at a compliment would sound forced.

"Well, there were more, but when your flight was delayed the others left. Said they'd get together with you later. I mean, it is a work and school night. Since we knew you were renting a car I figured I'd help you get your stuff to your hotel. Theo said he'd pick me up there later."

"Sounds like a workable arrangement," said Alex.

The two turned and began walking towards the baggage claim.

"Why'd you come here instead of going straight to your folks' place in Ashland?"

"I arranged with my boss to fly here for business, then spend the holidays with my family," Alex explained, as they waited for the luggage to arrive. "That means taking care of the business part first, then going home. My parents are a little irritated about that, but if the business part is successful I may be moving back here!"

"Oh, really!" said Louise, grinning. "That'd be great!"

"Yeah. We're trying to get a deal going with Lexmark, and if it goes through we'll need someone here who knows both our products and the area."

"I hope it does," said Louise, fervently. "Saturday night gaming just isn't the same without you."

"Yeah, well, I'm pretty rusty," sighed Alex. "I was too busy the first few months after the move for gaming, and when I tried to get back into it later couldn't find a good group. Most people were just too competitive, and everybody either treated me like a girl, or a freak, or both."

"I know that feeling," sighed Louise. "But, dear, your are a girl. Have been since the day of the Gifting. I'm surprised you aren't used to it by now."

Alex started to say something, but the bell rang and the light began flashing. In short order her two bags arrived and she and Louise headed for the rental car counter. Fortunately, this time of year it kept late hours.

"How long have we known each other?" Alex asked, abruptly, as the clerk got her keys and papers.

"What, five, six years?" replied Louise. "That's counting the year and a half you've been gone."

"You know I can be pretty oblivious, sometimes," Alex continued thoughtfully, as they walked through the lot towards her car. "Someone had to tell me you were gay. And you had to tell me you were a TS. I'd like to think I never treated you any different because of that, but..."

"Well, a little," chuckled Louise. "But in a way which actually fit me better. And then, after the Gifting, you were a sister in the cause, so to speak."

"My new therapist had me join a Transsexual support group," sighed Alex. "Didn't work too well. They'd never even considered the problems an involuntary TS might have, before I joined. Still haven't, actually. Oh, they were friendly and sympathetic, but tended be puzzled about why I was there. I mean, I'd achieved something they could only dream about. Why wasn't I ecstatic? Some of them even got confused and thought I was a pre-op F-to-M."

"I can see that, actually, from the way you move and talk, sometimes," said Louise. "And I think I see why you said that. You want to know if I've ever resented you. Well, no. You didn't choose to be Gifted, and I'm pretty sure you didn't choose to be stuck like that."

Louise sighed and glanced over at her friend.

"Though I admit I've often been envious. Wow."

Alex flushed, but was spared needing to comment by their arrival at the rental. She unlocked the trunk and they loaded the three bags. The pair was soon belted in and leaving the airport. As they approached the exit Louise shook her head at some thought.

"Three out of seven Gifted in our group. I know they tended to happen in clusters, but that's still a pretty high concentration. Sometimes I really wish there'd been one more. Then I wouldn't have to deal with all this padding."

She tugged absently at her bra.

"I have a personal question, if you don't mind," Alex said, when they stopped at a red light.


"How much of that actually is you?" she asked, with a smirk.

"None of it," sighed Louise, her smile turning a bit sad. "My therapist said to dress and live as a woman for a month after the electrolysis was complete before going ahead and starting on the hormones."

"Oh," said Alex, now at a loss.

The light changed, and Alex started the car moving again.

"It's all right," said Louise, smile returning. "I'm flattered you thought it's real."

"Well, you look like a woman, talk like a woman and walk like a woman. Probably more than me."

"One of my therapist's better ideas. I took acting and voice lessons from a TS who had her surgery a few years ago. She's a beautiful, statuesque redhead who is completely convincing, largely because she was in theater already and both acts and teaches."

"Oh," said Alex. "I never thought about that. I mean, nobody who doesn't know my story thinks I'm anything but a real woman. Even though I don't act like one sometimes."

"Did you ever find out if you got any powers?" Louise asked, perhaps to try and change the mood.

"Well, some Gifted just don't have any powers. Besides the usual healing and such."

"Which means you got something you're embarrassed about," snickered Louise.

Alex sighed. And caused a strand of her hair to lift away from the rest. It then curled in from the tip, held for a moment, uncurled, and resumed it's inert position.

"That's it?" said Louise, flabbergasted. "You got prehensile hair?!"

"It doesn't have much strength or control, either. I can barely lift a pencil and can't write with it."

Louise tried not to laugh, she really did, but soon broke down in a fit of giggling. Alex wanted to look hurt, but couldn't help joining in.

"You're terrible," she stated.

"Always was," Louise acknowledged.


This document is Copyright 2002 Rodford Edmiston Smith. Anyone wishing to reproduce this document is required by law to get permission from the author, who can be reached at: stickmaker@usa.net