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Disadvantages for Gifted Saga Characters


Rodford Edmiston Smith


Characters in the Gifted Saga have a 20% chance of their Gift being flawed.

01-05 Diminished Senses (1D6 for #, 1D10 each for % penalty)

06-10 Reduced Intelligence (1D10 for points lost)

11-15 Low Self Control (1D10 for points of Will lost)

16-25 Physical Change (See below)

26-34 Phobia/Psychosis (Player and Referee Choose)

35-40 Prejudice (Character inexplicably inspires dislike and distrust, -25 percentage points for reactions)

41-47 Reduced Agility (1D10 for points lost)*

48-54 Reduced Perception (1D10 for points lost)*

55-61 Reduced Endurance (1D10 for points lost)*

62-68 Reduced Strength (1D10 for points lost)*

69-75 Special Requirement (Player and Referee Choose)

76-82 Vulnerability (Player and Referee Choose something from which Character takes 1D6 points of damage per Combat Phase of exposure)

83-95 Power Limitation (See below)

96-00 Roll Twice

* Characteristics will not drop below 3.

Physical Change

01-05 Inorganic (Metal, Plastic, Water, etc., Player and Referee Choose)

06-10 Altered Body Temperature +/- 1D100 C

11-15 Size Change +/- (3D10) X 10% (minimum size 10 cm)

16-20 Altered Proportions (Player and Referee Choose)

21-30 Age Change +/- 1D6 X 10 years (minimum age 1 year)

31-40 Physical Handicap (Player and Referee Choose)

41-50 Color Change (01-30: Eyes; 31-60: Hair; 61-90 Skin;

91-00: roll two)

51-60 Gender Change

61-70 Animal Form 1D100 % (Player and Referee Choose)

71-83 Plant Form 1D100 % (Player and Referee Choose))

83-85 Something Wild (The GM and Player should cooperate on this to create an interesting, original and possibly useful change)

86-90 Mass Gain 1D100 kg. (Above 140 kg this includes a permanent size change)

91-95 Mass Loss 1D100 kg. (Below 40 kg this includes a permanent size change)

96-00 Roll Twice

Any physical change which results from a Disadvantage roll is now the Character's normal state. Also, a Disadvantage must hamper the Character in some way, or it isn't a Disadvantage. This includes being stuck in the idealized alternate form. The Player may think this is a dream come true, but the GM should make sure that it causes enough problems to actually operate as a Disadvantage.

Power Limitations *

01-10 Power Always On (In this case, no Endurance is needed except for combat or significant non-combat uses)

11-20 Power Very Noticeable

21-30 Power Requires Double Endurance Points

31-40 Power Uses Hit Points Instead of Endurance Points

41-50 Power Requires Special Conditions (Player and Referee Choose)

51-60 Power Requires Activation Roll (% Chance = 1D10)

61-70 Power Works Only in Alternate Form

71-80 Power May Only Be Used 1D10 Times Per Day

81-90 Power Activates Accidentally (2D10% Chance, Player and Referee Choose Conditions)

91-00 Roll Again, Disadvantage Affects All Powers

* These Disadvantages generally apply only to one Power.

If the player absolutely can't stand his or her Disadvantage, it may be removed by sacrificing one Power.