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The Fox Kid

     Note: Many of the Fox Kid stories contain mild sexual situations and/or portrayals of violence. While they might not be suitable for younger children teenagers should find them amusing. Anyone underage should ask their parents to decide if a particular story is suitable for them.

First Set Of Foxy Tails What would most teenagers do if they learned they were a mythical creature?

Second Set Of Foxy Tails How and friends have some interesting adventures.

A Gathering Of Monsters Supernatural creatures team up to defeat a monster which is capturing and killing human virgins.

Third Set Of Foxy Tails

Fourth Set Of Foxy Tails

A very short and very silly Fox Kid story (It helps if you're familiar with badly-written gender-change fiction. :-)

Alone in The Dark Some people are good at making strange friends.

A Morgue Of Vampires

A Corruption of Vampires

Writ In Stone

Feeling Stoned

Shower of Stones

Bloody Encounter

Mixed Doubles

New! October 13, 2008: Bloody Mess

This wonderful painting by Kitsune (aka Jonathan Roth) gives an idea of what How and Tina look like: How And Tina

The Adventures of Jackie and Jill

(Suitable for all ages, though some concepts may be advanced for younger readers.)

Introductions You think your kids/parents/friends are weird? The daughter of a werewolf meets the daughter of a kitsune.

Visions There's more Jill than simply being a kitsune.

Child Care Jill and her mother visit a very special daycare center.

Howl-O'-Ween Supernatural kids get to be themselves.

The New Kid Weird kids look out for each other.

Restoration Project Jackie, Jill and friends discover strange, old house.

Getting Outed Jackie and Jill deal with some unethical werewolf hunters.

Foxx and Wolfe, Supernatural Detectives

Jackie and Jill in their late teens. Some stories may not be suitable for children.

Foxx and Wolfe: Jackie and Jill grow up to become supernatural problem solvers. (Completed 9/24/02)

Foxx and Wolfe: A useful solution to the fear of the unknown is to make it known. (Completed 11/07/02)

Foxx and Wolfe: The further adventures of our favorite pair of shapeshifters. (Completed 11/08/02)

Foxx and Wolfe: Things are getting complicated for Foxx and Wolfe. (Completed 11/08/02)

Foxx and Wolfe: The supernatural detectives bring a mother and child together. (Completed 1/21/03)

Foxx and Wolfe: Rewards and traps. (Completed 9/14/05)

Foxx and Wolfe: Working hard for the money. (Completed 9/14/05)

Foxx and Wolfe: Why Brian is important. (Completed 9/14/05)

Foxx and Wolfe: The monster revealed. (Completed 9/14/05)

Foxx and Wolfe: Climax and culmination. (Completed 9/14/05)

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