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TFOS: Freddy On The Loose, Part 21


Rodford Edmiston

Note: This story uses background and concepts from the Teenagers From Outer Space role-playing game, Copyright and Trademarked R. Talsorian Games, Inc. The characters and story are Copyright 2002 Rodford Edmiston Smith.

"WHAT!!" yelled Freddy.

"Well, you can do that without actually doing that," said the Nurse, quickly. "We can arrange to put you in a virtual reality simulator with Huron, and the two of you can fulfill the conditions in fast forward, without actually, physically doing so. Since the compulsion is in your brain, and the virtual reality would make your brain think the experience was real, the compulsion would, too, and be satisfied."

"There's no other way?" asked Freddy, sourly. "I mean, wouldn't being in there with him mean we'd have to, y'know..."

"Oh, yes, certainly," said the Nurse, nodding very seriously. "There are several other possible cures. But none as quick and easy as using the VR. Most involve removing the part of the brain the compulsion is embedded in.

"I did some research on Huron's people. Some - especially members of the royal family - have an ability to empathically and emotionally bond with others. It's like falling in love, but amplified, and distinct. It becomes a compulsion for the target, but the person with the ability is also affected, though to a lesser degree. His culture has a great romantic attachment for the phenomenon and considers any coupling which results to be blessed. So we would need to place both of you in a fulfilling VR simulation, then explain to him that you're not really suitable bride material."

"Well, okay. How long would this take?"

"Well, first we have to get Huron to agree. Then we take you two off planet..."

"We can't do it here?" wailed Freddy.

"Well, no. It requires a 12th order effector computer for a suitably realistic simulation. Don't worry. The nearest available one is only a week's travel away. Oh, and we'll need consent forms for both you and Huron."

Freddy sat there, dazed, as she took all this in. She shook her head.

"Give me a couple of those forms and I'll see what I can do," she sighed. "Meanwhile, I need to get to class."

* * *

Freddie caught up with Hub between classes, and quickly explained the situation.

"A 12th order effector?" the big rhino-whale sort of guy asked, a slow smile spreading across his large face.

"You know where we can get one on Earth?" asked Freddy, excited at the implications despite a nagging worry caused by her friend's reaction.

"Yeah. Got one in the lab. And using it will fix two problems with one solution. Y'see, that's what Yubi's brain is."

"Wait a minute," said Freddy, who had some knowledge of alien technology. "You mean you hook Huron and me up using Yubi's brain to run the simulation, so her copy of the compulsion is satisfied, too?"

"Exactly. And I can do all this without you needing consent forms or to go off planet."

Hub frowned thoughtfully.

"You have cheerleader practice this afternoon, yes?"


"Well, Huron will almost certainly be there. I'll grab a couple of the guys, we'll put him under with a sleep ray and take him to the lab. You come there after practice is over."

"You're going to kidnap him?!"

"Hey, he put this compulsion in you without asking. This just evens things out."

"I hope the jury sees it that way," Freddy muttered.

* * *

Cheerleader practice did not go well for Freddy that afternoon. Besides being anxious about the plot, she was distracted by romantic thoughts about Huron. Who was, indeed, sitting in the bleachers, watching. Or, more accurately, leering. Not just at Freddy, either, though she got most of the attention.

"Watch out, Freddy!" snapped Suzy, as Freddy accidentally whapped her in the face with a pom-pom.

"S-sorry," whispered Freddy. "Listen, I need to tell you something..."

Freddy quickly explained about Huron, the compulsion and the plot.

"Oh, I get it," said Suzy, glaring over at Huron. "I'd wondered what was bothering you, lately. Y'know, that's cheating. I'll have to spread the word about that compulsion thing."

"Just leave me out of it," said Freddy, desperately. "Please?"

"Well, I won't mention your name, but all the girls in school have noticed you mooning after him so they'll guess pretty easy."

"Oh, great," Freddy sighed.

They resumed practicing their routines. Freddy, unable to keep more than a intermittent watch on Huron, actually missed the abduction. One glance, the Prince was there, the next he wasn't. When Freddy saw he was gone she spun around for a better look... catching Buffy, who was bending forward as part of her maneuver, right in the face with her left breast.

"Ow! Tit-lash!" Buffy cried, in mock pain. "I'm gonna sue! Those things should be registered as deadly weapons!"

"Very funny," muttered Freddy, absently rubbing her injured mammary.

"Don't fondle yourself in public," scolded Debbie.

"You know that was an accident, right?"

"Yeah," said Buffy, grinning. "If I didn't, I'd've screamed 'You pervert!' and smashed you with something."

Freddy made several other mistakes during the rest of practice, though fortunately none as embarrassing as that one. Finally, the girls finished and headed for a shower.

"Ow," said Freddy, mildly, examining her left breast. "I've got a bruise. It looks like Buffy's nose."

"Let me see..." said Suzy, who generally acted as the team's first-aid person.

She manipulated Freddy's breast with one hand to get a better view, and prodded the injury with the other. Freddy idly noted that she, herself, was naked from the waist up (well, except for the ribbons holding her twin pony tails) and that Suzy was wearing just a pair of panties. Normally, this would have been a rather erotic situation, no matter what Freddy claimed about being a girl around girls. Now, all she felt was a bit of embarrassment and some discomfort. Most of the latter came not from the bruise, but from the way Suzy was holding her boob.

"You'll be all right," said the other cheerleader, dropping the breast after a brief check.

"I wonder where that will be when you're a boy again," giggled Bamby.

"Oh, that reminds me," said Suzy, suddenly, turning back to Freddy. "Do you know how to do a self-exam?"

"Yes," said Freddy, rolling her eyes. "They've already covered that in hygiene class."

"Good. I mean, I know girls as young as us don't generally worry about that, but it's a good idea to get into the habit early and often."

"You know, some times you can really be a preacher," snickered Debbie.

Freddy rushed through showering and dressing and hurried to the lab. There she found Hub, Jim, Bl'fff and Dr. Sumt'ang waiting for her. Oh, yes; Yubi and the unconscious Huron were also there, the latter in a twin of the chair Freddy had been in for the imprinting. On the other side of Yubi was the original, waiting for Freddy.

"Uh, hi, folks," said Freddy, suddenly nervous. "I didn't realize there would be such a crowd."

"Well, I did need help, both for the set-up and the abduction," said Hub, evenly. "Besides, it's probably better to have a teacher present."

Freddy wasn't too sure about that, but sighed and climbed onto the weird-looking chair.

"Your hair's damp," said Hub.

"Well, I'm sorry, but I didn't have much time to dry it!" Freddy snapped. "I just want to get this over with."

"Hey, don't get cross with me," said Hub, a bit irritated. "You'll have to dry your hair before you connect, or it could short something. We can go ahead and start Huron while you're doing that."

"Right," sighed Freddy. "Sorry."

Fortunately, Freddy's girl supplies included an alien technology blow dryer. She brushed and blew until her hair was not only dry, but hot to the touch, and her scalp uncomfortably warm. Given what she'd experienced before in that chair, she didn't want to find out how bad it could hurt her when things didn't go right. Finished, she climbed back into the chair. Hub felt her hair and nodded.

"How long will this take?" Freddy nervously asked, as Hub lowered a wired and weird helmet onto her head.

"We'll start out at a real-time ratio," said Hub. "After a few minutes of that we'll start advancing the clock rate. You'll lose definition once that starts, probably just get brief, lucid flashes with the rest being a blur having few details. Maximum rate will probably be about a month per minute. We aren't monitoring or recording, but the program is interactive and will alter the rate in response to certain cues."

"Okay," sighed Freddy, closing her eyes.

There was an odd sort of blink and Freddy re-opened them, startled.

"What hap..."

Freddy sat up, looking around, bewildered. This wasn't the lab! It was some sort of luxuriously-furnished bedroom. She turned, exploring with her eyes, and saw that she was the only one here. She was also on a large bed, wearing a negligee which concealed nothing, only blurred some of the naughty bits a bit. Freddy decided this must be the VR, but it seemed so real! No wonder they'd needed some sort of super computer to run it. Suddenly thinking of something, Freddy pushed the filmy fabric of the negligee aside and examined her left breast. The bruise was still there!

Now Freddy was really confused. Was this real or not? Had someone burst into the lab to rescue Huron, taking her in the process? Did the chair include some sort of sensors which scanned her body to that detail? Or had she included the bruise, because she expected it to be there?

Exploration of the room revealed that one of the doors led to a huge closet, one to an elaborate bathroom... and the last one was locked. Freddy looked through the closet for something comfortable to wear, but all of it was really frilly girl stuff, and most of it of alien style and manufacture. She laid out the most conservative dress and shoes she could find and started looking for underwear.

A dresser had some items reasonably resembling stockings, panties and pantyhose. Freddy picked a pair of panties, and started looking for bras. Her search was futile - unless some of the weird pieces of fabric she didn't recognize served that purpose. However, when she switched her attention to the vanity beside the dresser, what she thought was a row of perfume bottles to the left of the mirror had simplified images showing a woman applying the bottle to a breast, and the breast being covered. The print was in an alien language, but one Freddy knew the rudiments of. The bottles on the right turned out to actually contain perfumes.

Freddy stripped off the negligee, stepped into the panties (which were really soft and comfortable) and sat on the vanity bench. Following the simple directions, she twisted the top a half-turn to the left and touched it to her breast.

A liquid the same color as the body of the bottle - in this case, powder blue - spread quickly over her breast. This was similar to the liquid clothing she sometimes wore on her job at the alien goods store. The weird part was that she felt nothing, with her breast or her hand. Even running her finger tip back and forth across the edge, she could feel the rubbing perfectly well with both her breast and hand, and could tell no difference between the covered and uncovered portions, except... Freddy frowned, and fingered the smooth, blue surface over her nipple. She could feel the rubbing with her finger and her nipple, but it wasn't... stimulating. In fact, no matter how she groped herself there was no resulting sexual sensation.

"Now that is just weird," said Freddy.

"Are you awake, my lady?" asked a female voice.

Freddy jumped and looked around, but saw no-one.

"Ah, yes," she stated, quickly. "I'm getting dressed."

"Very good, my lady," the voice responded. "If you require assistance just speak out. This voice link may only be activated from your end."

"Where am I?" Freddy asked.

"We are still 3 hours from Adacia," the voice informed her.

That was the name of Huron's home world! And she was on a space ship! So, was this real, or not?!

"Th-thank you," Freddy responded. "What time is it?"

"The third hour past dawn, Adacia time."

That sounded late. Well, she supposed princesses-to-be were allowed to sleep in occasionally. She didn't feel hungry. In fact, neither did she feel like she needed to pee, which she should have, right after waking. And Huron's homeworld was over a week's travel from Earth, Freddy now remembered. So this had to be the simulation. In which case, she better go along with the setup. The sooner she fulfilled the conditions of the compulsion, the better. Of course, according to the Nurse that meant having sex with a guy and giving birth to his children. When Freddy agreed to this, she hadn't expected the experience to feel so real.

Freddy sighed, and glanced at the dress she'd selected. A warm green, it wouldn't go with this blue "bra" at all. Freddy turned the cap back, then continued another half turn in the same direction. Touching this to her breast, she did feel something, as the blue material made a slight crackling sound and pulled away from her skin. She peeled it the rest of the way off and dropped it into waste receptacle built into the vanity. She replaced the first bottle, gave her nipple a quick rub to make sure it really was working, then considered the selection.

None of the colors matched the dress, but there was a subdued off-white which would be suitable. Freddy picked up the bottle, turned the cap and touched it to each breast. She examined the results in the vanity mirror. There sat a well-endowed young woman with sleep-tousled blond hair, and white-covered breasts, lifted and separated proudly. Freddy sighed. She'd have to get used being a woman, completely and full-time, until the sim was over. Smiling prettily, she began carefully applying just a touch of makeup...

Freddy blinked, as she looked at her dressed reflection in the full-length mirror. Okay, this was definitely the sim, and she was having a lucid moment after about half an hour of fast-forward.

"Where is the Prince?" she asked, a bit timidly.

"In the forward lounge."

"How do I find that?"

"The aide outside your door will take you."

A knock on the door and it was opened. She expected the aide to be a guard, but instead he looked like some sort of butler. And he already knew where she wanted to go. Soon, she was entering the lounge, her heart singing as she saw her love. Huron rose and moved gracefully to her, taking and kissing her proffered hand. He led her to a seat at the main window, under the swiftly moving stars. They were the only people here; the aide had left and all the attendants were robots. Freddy nervously wished she'd go back into fast forward, but no such luck.

"You look beautiful, my dear," breathed Huron, holding her hand and gazing deeply into her eyes. "Though I wish you would let your attendants prepare you. That better suits your position than doing it yourself."

"You're right," said Freddy, reluctantly playing along. She smiled back at him. "I'm just so used to doing things for myself..."

He put a finger on her lips to silence her. Then replaced the finger with his lips to kiss her. Freddy quailed, but only on the inside, manfully continuing to follow the compulsion's lead. Actually, once committed, she had to admit that he was a good kisser. He was certainly doing things for her guys didn't normally.

Huron broke the kiss, and looked at her silently for a moment, smiling.

"I hope we're not rushing things too much for you, having the ceremony the day we arrive."

Ceremony? Wedding ceremony?! Kee-ripes!

"As far as I'm concerned, the sooner the better," breathed Freddy, meaning it in a different way internally than she did externally.

Huron laughed, and started making small talk.

* * *

Freddy flashed forward through the rest of the trip, the landing, the cheering crowds, the introduction to the family, and came to a lucid moment as she was being dressed for the wedding. Formally dressed. In garments the likes of which she had never before even imagined. Freddy felt like an idiot, but the garments had symbolic meaning, and she had to put up with them to...

Another flash forward, to a brief lucid moment during the ceremony. Then another, to being ceremonially locked in the ceremonial wedding chamber with her new husband. Freddy frantically wished for a fast forward, but didn't get one for the next three and a half hours. By which time she was thoroughly...

Freddy blinked, as she considered her swollen belly in the mirror she stood naked before. Huron lounged, also naked, on the bed behind her, smiling proudly. She sighed, realizing what this meant. Then gasped as she felt the baby kick. That was...

"Aahhhh...!" Freddy cried out, as another contraction hit. "Waaauuugh!!"

"You are doing excellently, your highness!" the birthwife encouraged. "Rest for a moment."

Freddy panted, swiveling her head around to take in the scene. There lay hubby, passed out on the floor. A swarm of nurses and doctors, well, swarmed around. The contractions began again. No fast forward this time; Freddy completed the birthing process with full awareness. It felt like it was worth it, though, when they placed her new son on her chest, and he began nursing. Freddy's tears changed from pain to joy...

"...formally present the prince, the princess, and the new heir to the throne!" the herald announced to the throng gathered in the plaza beyond the balcony.

Freddy smiled proudly, holding her son to show them...

There was an odd sort of blink and Freddy was back in the lab, in the weird, wired chair.

"Wow..." was all she could say.

"You all right?" asked Hub.

"Yeah. I think."

She semi-reclined there while the others unhooked the still-asleep Huron. Strange. Now that the compulsion was gone, she could tell she had been deeply, desperately in love with him. But it was gone. Though she still had a sort of lingering affection for him. Yes, he was presumptive, vain, self-important, a bit pompous, but he was also affectionate, caring, a loving husband and father, and really good in be...

Freddy flushed as that thought hit. The sooner she got back to being a boy the better. She waited until the others left - carrying Huron back to the bleachers, where he would awake thinking this whole thing had been a dream - then closed and locked the door. Freddy stripped, zapped herself with Hub's Boy/Girl Gun, and dressed in his boy clothes. Noting as he did that the bruise was, indeed, still there, on his left pec. Unlocking the door, he waited for his friends to return, feeling very pleased. Yes, all his immediate problems were over, he could get back to school work, and normal boy stuff, like taking Karen to the...

"Shit!" yelled Freddy, whacking himself on the head. "I still have to get out of that date with him!"

End Part Twenty-One

This story is Copyright 2002 Rodford Edmiston Smith. Anyone wishing to reprint or repost it must have permission from the author, who can be reached at: stickmaker@usa.net Permission is given to post this to the Transformation Stories Archive.

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