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TFOS: Freddy On The Loose, Part 18


Rodford Edmiston

Note: This story uses background and concepts from the Teenagers From Outer Space role-playing game, Copyright and Trademarked R. Talsorian Games, Inc. The characters and story are Copyright 2002 Rodford Edmiston Smith.

"Bleagh!" said Freddy, spitting out the bite of the new cafeteria dish. "That's awful!"

"Such manners!" exclaimed Debbie. "Girl, you really need to work on your social skills!"

"I'm not a girl," muttered Freddy, quickly reaching for a cup of juice.

Debbie tapped Freddy on the side of the head.

"Hello-oh! Earth to Freddy! Have you looked in a mirror lately?" She frowned, thinking of something. "Incidentally, why are you a girl? Cheerleader practice isn't until later. And I know it's not an accident, 'cause you're in girl clothes. By the way, those jeans look really hot on you."

Freddy quickly took a bite of something and mumbled around the food.

"Manners, again!" chided Debbie. "Don't talk with your mouth full! Now, chew, swallow and answer."

Freddy sighed, and obeyed.

"Okay, since I'm spending about a quarter of my time as a girl, my guidance counselor and the school nurse decided I needed to take, uhm..."

She lowered her head and her voice, finishing reluctantly.

"Feminine hygiene class."

"Oh," said Debbie, a bit boggled.

"But why are you a girl now?" asked Suzy. "Hygiene class was simply hours ago."

"Because I have to be a girl for the class," Freddie enumerated, "and I'm not supposed to change more than twice a day. So I have to change for the class and stay a girl until after practice."

"Oh..." squealed Suzy, delighted at understanding the situation. She gave Freddie a sisterly hug. "That's good. It's always good to have another girl sit at our table for lunch."

"I guess it's a good idea," said Debbie, brightly. "I mean, you taking feminine hygiene classes. I remember the problems you had with your period, the first time one started while you were in practice."

"Don't remind me," sighed Freddy.

* * *

"Hey, Freddy," said Hub, as she entered the lab. "You're a little... Why are you a girl?"

Freddy sighed and explained, again.

"Oh. Well, never mind. Want you to see how far along we are."

He led Freddy over to a table with a sheet draped over what seemed to be a human form. Hub whipped the sheet away, to reveal a nude but only vaguely female form.

"We just finished the structural work," said the big, rhino-whale-looking guy, proudly. "Now we need to do the imprinting."

"'Imprinting'?" Freddy asked, curious. She looked around. "Aren't we going to do every one at the same time?"

"Huh?" said Hub. "We only need to put one person's mind in that body for a while, to imprint the neural pathways so it can develop its own sentience."

"Wait a minute!" said Freddy, backing away alarmed. "You're not thinking of putting *me* in there!"

"Sure," said Hub, puzzled. "You mean you didn't know? What did you think we were talking about?!"

"I thought you meant like with ducks," said Freddy, still backing away.

"Huh?" said Hub.

"Ducks imprint on the first thing they see when they hatch, and think it's their mother. I thought you were going to imprint us on the android so it would know we were its masters."

"That's not a bad idea," said Hub, nodding. "But we still need to do the other kind of imprinting."

"But... why me?" Freddy squeaked.

"We went over that. You're the best candidate. You're smart, you're used to being female, both physically and socially, and you're a moral person."

Freddy wondered who'd told him that.

"Can't you use one of the cheerleaders?"

"Remember the 'smart' qualification," Hub smirked.

"Uh, Ramet does a pretty good girl. Oh, never mind; you want someone moral."

"Look, it has to be someone who's human, so she will act human and not attract attention," explained Hub, ticking items off on his stubby fingers. "It also has to be someone from Earth so she'll be able to pass as an Earth human. You can't do that kind of stuff with programming. And since the design is inherently female, we need someone who can pass as female. And, let me tell you, right now you're doing a pretty good job of it! Since she can also adjust her shape, it needs to be someone who is comfortable with - or at least used to - changing shape."

"I'll... think about it," said Freddy, finally reaching the door.

* * *

"Don't they mind that they're undressing in front of and showering with a boy?" asked Jim.

"Do I look like a boy?" Freddy demanded, turning to face him, hands on hips and shoulders back.

"Gluh..." said Jim, grabbing his handkerchief and shoving it at his nose.

"That's enough, Freddy," said Karen, though she smiled. "Have some mercy on the poor boy."

"Bud, dond't you ged turned on and change bag?" Jim persisted.

"Nah," sighed Freddy, turning to reach on the top shelf for her gym bag. "There's nothing erotic about it. Just people changing clothes and showering. I admit it was pretty distracting at first, but that was back before I started changing on my own, so it wasn't a problem then. I'm used to it, now, so I don't risk changing. Besides, I am learning to control the changes."

"Guh!" said Jim, quite distinctly, turning pale and passing out.

"You still have a lot to learn about being a girl," snickered Karen, as Freddy looked down, puzzled, at the unconscious boy. "Or were you deliberately trying to turn him on, posing like that?"

"Like what?" said Freddy, confused.

"What happens to your boobs when you reach up like that?"

Freddy, puzzled, looked down as she raised her arms. She got an "Oh!" expression on her face, and half a dozen guys in the hallway got sudden nosebleeds. Freddy quickly lowered her arms.

"Okay. Sorry. I'll be more careful."

"Y'know, your 'getting used to it' probably has a lot to do with the fact that girls aren't as visually oriented," said Karen, thoughtfully, as they headed for the girls' locker room. "Try staring at the same centerfold when you're a guy and a girl, and see what happens."

"I'd rather stare at you," Freddy replied, leering.

Karen giggled, and playfully pushed her usually-male friend away.

"Now, quit. You and I both know that you're just playing; I haven't noticed you staring at me in the shower lately. And you know that I don't like girls that way, even you, anyway."

* * *

"Who's that?" asked Buffy, pointing at someone in the stands, watching the practice.

"Some new guy. Human, but alien. Forget from where," replied Freddy, doing splits as part of the warm-up stretching. "Saw him in home room this morning."

"Didn't you hear?" demanded Suzy. "He's a prince. Of his whole planet. How could you not know that?!"

She leaned closer and began speaking in a low, conspiratorial tone, while watching the new guy from the corners of her eyes.

"They say he's here to find a bride."

Freddy stared idly down Suzy's cleavage, noting that Karen was probably right about that visual thing. She was still really turned on by sneak peaks of boobs as a guy, but as a girl, even staring at those warm, soft, jiggly masses for this long from this close only made her a little aroused. She shrugged, and turned to look at the new guy.

And noticed he was staring at her with an avaricious glow in his eyes, practically drooling.

"Eeww..." said Freddy, feeling a bit nauseous.

She quickly finished her warm-up and joined the other girls in practicing their routines. The whole time, she could feel the new guy's eyes on her.

During a break in cheerleader practice Freddy walked over to watch the track team. Karen was running three events this semester, and doing quite well. Freddy cheered as she came in second in a dash. As Freddy turned to head back to the cheerleaders, however, she literally ran chest-first into the new guy.

"Yeep!" said Freddy, bouncing back and protectively raising her pom-poms.

"I beg your pardon," the guy said, smiling apologetically. "I'm Huron Superior, of Clarion Prime. You are...?"

"F-Freddy Luger," Freddy squeaked, like a nervous schoolgirl.

He bowed. He actually bowed.

"It is my great pleasure to meet you. I hope we will be seeing more of each other. And soon."

Freddy stammered something, and stepped nervously around him, then turned and ran back to the squad.

"I think he likes you," teased Buffy.

"Don't say that!" shrilled Freddy, as she turned to see Huron back in the bleachers, watching her with a slight, pleased smile on his face.

They resumed practice, Freddy concentrating on the routines. Her pride and joy was one she had suggested, where she went triplicate and formed the base of a human pyramid. Then it was off to the showers.

Freddy felt... strange, as she washed. She was flushed, her breasts felt sensitive and swollen, her nipples were erect... all definite signs of female arousal. Yet she wasn't being turned on by any of the girls, or the physical stimulation of washing. Oddly, neither did she feel like she was about to change back. She fought the notion, but finally had to admit to herself that she was aroused because she was thinking of Huron. An uncomfortable concept, but also an inescapable one.

"You really found him arousing?" said Karen, startled, as they biked home.

Freddy just sighed and nodded.

"Wait a minute... even now, when you're a boy?"

"No," said Freddy, after thinking a moment, and feeling relieved. "I remember being aroused by him when I was a girl, like I remember being aroused by things that turn me on when I'm male when I'm a girl. Uh..."

"I get it," snickered Karen, nodding.

They rode in thoughtful silence for a bit.

"Maybe... maybe you didn't change back to a guy in the shower because you're finally all girl when you're a girl," Karen ventured. "Maybe you kept changing back and forth because you hadn't gone all the way, yet. Uh, I didn't mean that like it sounded..."

"Well, there's one way to find out," said Freddy, grinning.

The next time they stopped, he leaned over and kissed her, full on the mouth. Karen cooperated, turning and putting her arms over his shoulders, leaning into it. They only broke when Freddy noticed she was a girl again.

"Ah, c'mon!" she exclaimed, staring down at her chest.

"Eewww, I kissed a girl," said Karen, making a face.

A car pulled up behind them. They sighed, and started peddling again, Freddy a bit awkwardly.

"This is ridiculous," said Freddy, exasperated. "I mean, I could live with the idea that when I'm a girl I am a normal, healthy female. That's just a small part of my life. I'm still a guy when I'm a guy. But why can't I figure out the rules about my changes?!"

"I'll say," sighed Karen, still flushing. "That you're a guy when you're a guy, I mean. Uh, are you turned on? I can see your nipples through your shirt."

"Well, hey, that was quite a kiss," was Freddy's embarrassed reply. She looked over at Karen. "I don't suppose..."

"No! No way. Sorry, when you're a girl you're still a friend but not a sex object. Just tell your aunt and uncle you got sniped again."

Freddy sighed, then waved farewell as their paths parted.

"Oh, Freddy," sighed her aunt, "did you get sniped again?"

"Something like that," she sighed.

"Well, the prankster certainly has a weird sense of humor. Not to mention being willing to spend so much money on a joke."

"Huh?" said Freddy.

Her aunt pointed to an elaborate bouquet on the dining room table. Freddy, with a growing sense of unreality, approached, picked up the card, and read it.

"To Fuh-Freddy: Your exquisite beauty, delightful shyness and perfection of form and fitness leave me breathless to experience more. May I take you to the dance this Saturday?"

It was signed "Huron Superior."

End Part Eighteen

This story is Copyright 2002 Rodford Edmiston Smith. Anyone wishing to reprint or repost it must have permission from the author, who can be reached at: stickmaker@usa.net
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