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TFOS: Freddy On The Loose, Part 13


Rodford Edmiston

Note: This story uses background and concepts from the Teenagers From Outer Space role-playing game, Copyright 2001 R. Talsorian Games, Inc. The characters and story are Copyright 2001 Rodford Edmiston Smith.

"So, how was your away game trip?" asked Karen, as she invited Freddy in.

"Horrible," he replied, rolling his eyes. "Three days and two nights mostly cooped up in a bus or a motel room with a bunch of ditzy cheerleaders, and we lost the game anyway."

"Yeah, I knew about that," said Karen. She hugged him. "Well, if you were on the team they'd be doing better."

They meandered into the living room, arm-in-arm, sat on the couch, and greeted each other a little less casually.

"Mmmm, that feels good," sighed Freddy, continuing to hug Karen after they broke off from their kiss.

"Do I detect someone desperately needing to reassert his masculinity?" Karen asked, smirking.

"Yeah. Especially after the girls decided to give me a makeover."

"They didn't!" exclaimed Karen, trying not to laugh.

"Took me hours to get the polish off after I got home, yesterday," sighed Freddy. "And that was just my fingernails. I didn't even bother with the toenails."

Karen lost her Cool, and fell back on the couch, laughing.

"Yeah, yeah, laugh at the boy forced to live as a girl for 3 days," groused Freddy. "If you weren't helping me with the homework I missed I wouldn't put up with this."

"Oh?" said Karen, eyeing him from where she lay. "And just what would you do?"

"How about this?" said Freddy, grinning fiendishly as he mimed tickling her.

"Like that's gonna do anything," said Karen, daring him to.

Freddy reached out, briefly tickled her belly and snatched his hand back.

"Ha. Ha. I can't stand it."

"Okay," muttered Freddy, emboldened.

He dove in with all ten fingers, first on top of her shirt, then under it. Karen shrieked and bucked, then laughed helplessly as she tried to get away. In seconds, though, their play changed nature, and the two of them were rolling passionately on the couch.

Freddy was ecstatic. Not only were they French kissing, she was letting him feel her up under her bra with both hands! Was he finally gonna?! Karen started sliding her hand down the front of his pants, and Freddy went faint with excitement. Only then he went faint with something else, as Karen's hand kept going without hitting his thing. And Freddy suddenly noticed a lot more tit between them than there had been a moment before.

"Oh, NO!' Freddy yelled, sitting up and staring at the wobbling bulges under her shirt. "Who sniped me this time?"

"Ow," said Karen, mildly, trying to wiggle her trapped hand free of Freddy's suddenly much tighter shorts.

Carefully, Freddy unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts, and Karen freed her hand.

"How did this happen?" asked Karen, bewilderedly looking vaguely around the room. "The drapes are closed. My brother went with my parents. We're alone!"

She was startled as Freddy buried her face in her hands and broke down into tears.

"I don't believe this! Why do these things keep happening to me?"

"Are you all right?" asked Karen, her concern making her forget her irritation.

"Yeah," sighed, Freddy, sniffling and wiping her nose. "I'm sorry. I just suddenly feel really shitty, and I've got this cramp in my gut, and..."

"That sounds like a full-blown period," said Karen, startled.

"Oh, shit," groaned Freddy. "I was just starting to feel my period coming on when I changed back on the bus during the return trip. I've always managed to avoid them before, by changing back into a guy."

"Well, unless you brought your Boy/Girl Gun with you, you're going to feel this one, for at least a while," sighed Karen. "Eewww, I think you're already spotting."

"Huh?" said Freddy, confused.

Karen pointed to her crotch. Freddy looked down, and could see a bit of blood staining her shorts.

"Aw, no," she groaned.

She looked like she was about to start bawling again, so Karen quickly took her by the hand and led Freddy into her parent's bathroom. She opened the medicine cabinet and pulled out some Midol, handing this to Freddy. While Freddy gulped the recommended dose, Karen searched through the cabinets.

"I use tampons, but I bet you don't want one of those inside you when you change back," she muttered. "My Mom, though, almost always uses pads. Here we go!"

Freddy, unusually passive, allowed Karen to strip off her shorts and underwear, clean her, and get her outfitted with a pair of panties with a "heavy flow" pad inside.

"I'll put your things in to soak," sighed Karen, far more familiar with the routine than was usually-boy Freddy. "Then I'll find you something to wear. Though I guess a bra is out of the question; you're bigger than me and my Mom put together."

Soon, with Freddy feeling much better thanks to the medicine and a bit embarrassed thanks to a pleated skirt, they returned to the living room.

"Well, at least we'll actually get my homework done," sighed Freddy, trying to find a bright spot.

"You know, if you weren't having your period..." muttered Karen. She stopped, shaking herself. "Never mind."

Freddy just looked at her, wondering if she actually meant...

"Wait a minute!" said Karen, suddenly. "What about your Gender Guard?"

Freddy dug the pendant out from between her breasts.

"Still green. And I don't remember hearing it chirp, either. So what's going on here? Has someone figured out a new way to switch people?"

"Well, you've got your own at home," Karen reassured her.

"Yeah, but getting there's gonna be a problem," sighed Freddy. "I still feel bad, and too sore to ride my bike. Like I'd ride one anyway when I'm wearing one of your skirts."

"Not to mention a pair of my Mom's panties," snickered Karen. She feigned histrionics. "Oh, the horror! My boy friend is wearing my mother's underwear!"

By the time Karen's parents returned home Freddy's shorts and underwear were clean and dry and the homework done. Unfortunately, Freddy was still a girl.

"I really wish you'd replaced your Boy/Girl Gun after it was stolen," she sighed.

Karen's Mom called her in to do some chores while Freddy gathered her things. Freddy was almost ready to go when Karen returned, an odd, mischievous look in her eyes.

"So, your Dad going to give me a ride?"

"Actually, Mom asked if 'your little friend' would like to stay the night," said Karen, voice and manner carefully neutral.

Freddy's eyes, dulled by menstruation and medication, grew slowly wider as the import of that sank in.

"You... she... we... how..."

"C'mon, it'll be a slipover!" said Karen, eagerly. "You already have your school things here..."

"But no bra. More importantly, no Boy/Girl Gun."

"Which is the only reason I'm inviting you," was Karen's pointed rejoinder.

Freddy actually considered it. Then shook her head.

"No. Sorry. I'm feeling really bad about this whole being a girl thing just now, and just want to go back to being a guy."

"Okay, let's do it the other way, then," said Karen. "I spend the whole night at your place, with both of us as guys. We can tell crude jokes and see who can fart loudest and all that stuff."

"Now you're just being silly," said Freddy. "And it's belch loudest."

"Yeah," said Karen, grinning. "You sure you don't want to sleep with me tonight? The bed's big enough..."

"Karen, please!" said Freddy. She stopped, took a deep breath. "Okay, even though I'm a girl I still like girls, so it wouldn't be proper. And besides, the way I'm feeling now it wouldn't be any fun for either of us."

"Okay," sighed Karen. She gave Freddy a sisterly peck on the cheek. "I'll ask Dad to drive you over. We can put your bike in the back of the SUV."

* * *

Freddy knew he was dreaming, which actually made it more fun, since he knew they wouldn't have the roof cave in or something. But then, just as he and Karen were about to consummate their relationship, Freddy's dream self was a girl. There followed a some confused fumbling, then a hot lesbian love scene culminating in an incredible orgasm. Freddy woke slowly, enjoying the afterglow but knowing there was now a mess in the bed. Only it wasn't the kind of mess Freddy was anticipating. The female orgasm had felt real because it was real. Freddy was again completely female.

Too groggy to feel more than confused and angry, Freddy used the Boy/Girl Gun - still laying on the dresser from earlier - to change back. The clock showed more than three hours before the alarm, so Freddy cleaned up as best he could and went back to sleep.

In the morning, showering, Freddy remembered the dream. Had it been caused by how close he'd gotten the afternoon before? Or Karen's hints that she was willing to give f-Freddy a good time? And how had he changed?

Thinking about the dream, and Karen, made Freddy feel a lot better than wondering about these strange gender flips. Made him feel so good, in fact, that he got turned on. Only, as Freddy started playing with his thing, it suddenly went away. Freddy looked down and gasped at the sight of two soap-covered breasts.

"What in Ghu's name is going on here?" she whispered.

Freddy was still turned on. And all soapy. But she was also still having her period. She finished rinsing, dried quickly, and wadded some toilette paper to hold between her legs while she considered her next course of action. The main objective was getting back to her room without being seen. Wearing her boy clothes, toilette paper precariously held in place by her shorts, she listened carefully at the door, then cracked it open and peeked out. Her aunt was definitely in the kitchen, making breakfast, and her uncle was probably in the den reading the paper. Freddy made a dash for her room, jiggling mightily. Once there a quick switch was made.

"Eewww..." said Freddy, as he disposed of the blood-stained toilette paper, and cleaned himself.

This was definitely not normal. As soon as he got to school, he was going to see the Nurse. Or, the way things were going, she would.

* * *

"Well, all the readings check out normal," the Nurse told him, frowning. "Are you sure you didn't get sniped?"

"Yeah," sighed Freddy.

The Nurse undulated over to her desk and sat, leaning forward to query her computer. Her voluptuous breasts took advantage of the opportunity to shape themselves in a way which really pushed Freddy's buttons. Her head feathers - the only part of her which did not look human - draped sexily around her shoulders, lending an exotic touch. Freddy found himself really wanting to get to know her better. Then realized it would have to be a platonic relationship at the moment, since they were both female.

"Uhm, Nurse?" f-Freddy asked timidly. "Do you have anything for menstrual cramps?"

She looked up at Freddy, first puzzled then startled. She rose abruptly and hurried over. She then proceeded to give Freddy her a thorough examination.

"Are you sure you didn't zap yourself just to pretend something is wrong?" she asked suspiciously after a few minutes.

"You've still got my clothes - with my Boy/Girl Gun in the holster on the belt - on the chair over there," was Freddy's testy reply.

"Sorry. It's just that... well, unless someone's come up with a new effect, this isn't sniping. According to both my own experience, and my references, this is exactly the sort of thing which happens when children start developing their powers."

"But Earth humans don't have powers!" Freddy exclaimed.

"Except you already have one. If this is a power developing, that'll make two for you."

"But... but the triplicate power was the result of eating Boost!"

"Except that the effects of Boost are temporary," said Nurse. "I'd say that maybe it triggered latent powers. There's no documented instances of Earth humans having powers, but there's plenty of anecdotal evidence. I'll send your biodata off to some specialists, and see what they say."

"So, meanwhile, I can't think about sex?" was Freddy's plaintive inquiry.

"This is triggered by sexual thoughts? Interesting..."

She went to the medicine locker and brought some things back for Freddy, stopping on the way to fill a paper cup with water.

"These pills will work better than any Earth medicine, and these pads will fit and work better than anything from an Earth pharmacy."

"Can't I just change back?" whined Freddy, sitting up, then wincing. She quickly swallowed the pill, and stood so Nurse could help her fit the pad. "I don't have cheerleading practice today, and I really don't want to be a girl right now."

"You should avoid using the Boy/Girl Gun until we know more about what's happening," Nurse told her firmly. "There's a chance that could aggravate the situation."

"So I just have to live with switching unpredictably until your experts can come up with something." Freddy heaved a big sigh. "I don't even have any girl clothes with me. Which doesn't matter, anyway, since I'd probably just switch back."

"Oh, I can help you with that," said Nurse, smiling sweetly.

Freddy felt an immediate sense of dread.

End Part Thirteen

This story is Copyright 2001 Rodford Edmiston Smith. Anyone wishing to reprint or repost it must have permission from the author, who can be reached at: stickmaker@usa.net
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