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TFOS: Freddy On The Loose, Part 10


Rodford Edmiston

      Note: This story uses background and concepts from the Teenagers From Outer Space role-playing game, Copyright 2001 R. Talsorian Games, Inc. The characters and story are Copyright 2001 Rodford Edmiston Smith.

      "Cheerleader practice again this afternoon," Freddy sighed, setting his heavily-laden tray down on the table.

      "Yeah, that's just terrible," snickered Jim. "You not only get to associate with the prettiest girls in school, you get to go in the forbidden land of the girls locker room with the agreement of the girls!"

      "Oooohhh..." groaned Bl'fff, trembling.

      "The worst part of it is, I have to work at the alien goods store to pay Karen back for all this girl stuff she made me buy!" Freddy groaned. "Do you know how much feminine hygiene products cost?"

      "I can't believe you're complaining about this!" gasped an increasingly agitated Bl'fff. "You get to shower with some of the most beautiful fems in the school! Intimate physical contact during practice and games! Skimpy cheerleader costumes! Peeking up and down and hooka-hooka-hooka-Hooka-HOOKA-*BLORTCH!*"

      "EEEWWWWWW..." cried everyone in the cafeteria.

      "Please tell me that's his species' version of guys bleeding from the nose," said Freddy, looking sick.

      "Fortunately, yes," said Ramet, whose color had gone from dark chocolate to a sort of brownish grey. "Their blood really is that odd puce color."

      "Oh. In that case, I'm only losing my appetite, and not my lunch."

*    *    *

      "Yaaaay, TEAM!" fem-Freddy chanted, in perfect time with the other girls.

      She then dropped into full splits, as did every even-numbered girl, while the odds threw their arms out so their pom-poms touched where the evens' heads had just been. It was a nice, well-time stunt, and drew quite a cheer.

      "All right!" cried Debbie, the team leader and the only member better endowed than fem-Freddy. "Good job."

      The girls relaxed as the next play began. As the ball was snapped, though, something else fell to the field. Something which gave off a huge crackle of electrical energy, as everyone within a hundred meter radius dropped to the ground.

      Freddy woke to sounds of chaos. She tried to sit up, and dropped back, off balance.

      Thought I was used to having boobs, she thought, dazedly.

      She tried again, this time succeeding. She looked around, pushing her hair out of her face. Only she almost put her eye out with her thumb doing so. Also just stirring were Suzy and Bamby and Freddy and Buffy and... wait a minute. Freddy?! Suddenly suspicious, Freddy began examining herself. First thing she noticed, her chest was too big.

      Okay, thought Freddy. I'm in Debbie's body...

      But how, without the mind-switching earmuffs?

      "Bamby" suddenly grabbed her chest and screamed.

      "You're a guy, right?" Freddy asked, in Debbie's voice.

      "Ah! Ah! Ah!" was the only reply she got.

      "I'm Freddy," Freddy called out, staggering to her feet and raising her hands.

      All over the field and through the bleachers, similar activities were taking place as people tried to sort themselves and each other out.

      Freddy caught "Bamby's" arm and got her attention.

      "What's your name?"

      "George Hanby!" the person in the gorgeous cheerleader's body yelled.

      "The water boy?!" said Freddy, who couldn't imagine a less-appropriate mind for occupying Bamby's bod. "Okay, listen, everybody's been mind-switched, so you're not alone."

      "Who are you?"


      "The new cheerleader?"

      "Uh, yeah," muttered Freddy.

      She released the now calmer George and turned slowly around. Something caught her attention: the water boy's body was sitting cross-legged by the cooler, writing on a large piece of white paper with a black marker, tongue sticking out of the corner of his mouth. Freddy moved closer - a bit awkwardly - and looked. He'd written "Paul."

      Okay, they hadn't just been switched; they'd been scrambled. Which made things a lot more complicated.

      Freddy waited until the boy finished, then borrowed the pad and marker and wrote her own name. She passed the paper and pen to someone else, and held her name on high. The idea spread rapidly, and within minutes most of those affected were holding various signs. Freddy quickly realized that people had switched with someone close to them, which did simplify things a bit. For instance, Debbie had switched with one of the football players on the bench, who had switched with Coach, who had switched with another of the players, and on and on. Freddy's body was currently occupied by Suzy. Freddy figured that could have been worse. The new occupant might've been team mascot, a small, blue, furry thing from Arcturus. In Suzy's body was the school's human history teacher, a guy who seemed to be completely baffled by the switch.

      She was wandering around, holding her sign and wondering what to do next, when she saw a female Ramet coming towards her, holding a sign which read "Karen."

      "Let me guess," said Freddy, "you were sitting beside him in the bleachers."

      "Yes," Karen sighed. "Ramet switched with Jim, who switched with Bl'fff, who switched with some girl behind us. Hub switched with my Father, who got my Mother, who got Hub. Some old guy sitting in front of us got me, and the others are busy keeping him from feeling herself up."

      "Eewww..." said Freddy, wrinkling her nose. "So, I guess the time you got shapeshifting powers let you know how to change to female. Why didn't you just make Ramet's body look like yours?"

      "Well, duh!" said Karen, making a face (though not hers), "then there would've been two Karen's running around."

      "Oh, right," said Freddy, giggling. She stopped, shook her head and frowned. "Do I sound sillier than usual?"

      "A little," judged Karen.

      "I wonder who got Hrpblple," said Freddy, glancing at the twitching blob out in the field. "Poor guy looks kinda sick."

      "I'm kinda sick!" exclaimed Karen. "This is terrible! How will we ever get back to normal?"

      "Well, Miss Furrpect and some of the other teachers know where the school's mind-switching headbands are," said Freddy. "They should have them here soon."

      "But that's only one pair, for hundreds of people!" yelled Karen. "We'll be here forever! And what if someone decides they like what they got better than what they had and leave?"

      "Well," said Freddy, frowning in concentration, "why don't we get the people we know who switched with us, and go see what's taking so long?"

      "Well, you're not a complete airhead," said Karen, smiling and giving her a hug. "C'mon, you get yours and I'll get mine, and we'll meet at the side entrance to the school."

      This proved more difficult than anticipated. Suzy wouldn't leave unless they also took her body, and the history teacher wouldn't go unless they also found his. Fortunately, the chain broke there, and Freddy argued, successfully, that it was better to switch some people back now than to wait until everyone was sorted out. Debbie was quite eager to get his body back, but the owner of his current body (who had switched with Coach) also insisted on coming along, and so did Coach, and the owner of the body Coach occupied, who was now one of the female football players. Again, fortunately, the chain broke there.

      Freddy and crew met Karen with a similar large group at the agreed place. They looked at each other, sighed, and herded into the school.

*    *    *

      They reached the property room to find a teenage girl fussing with the lock. Leaning against the wall beside her was a sign which read Miss Furrpect.

      "I can't get in!" she wailed. "I told them we should pay the extra for identity-keyed locks, but they insisted the somascanners were good enough! Stupid fleave counters!"

      "So we need to find your body?" said Freddy, feeling confused.

      "Or any teacher's body!" Miss Furrpect cried.

      Fortunately, Doctor Sumt'ang came wandering up. Or, at least, his body did. Who might be in it was still unknown. Though the fact that the driver was doing well with all those legs and tentacles gave hope.

      "Mess this in we're is some," Doctor Sumt'ang muttered.

      "Doctor Sumt'ang!" exclaimed Miss Furrpect. "You didn't switch?!"

      "Not course of!" Doctor Sumt'ang harrumphed. "Allow stranger brain wouldn't my a in."

      "Then please open this door!" Miss Furrpect pleaded. "We need to get the exchange program gear and start correcting this."

      Doctor Sumt'ang complied, and Miss Furrpect hurried into the storeroom. Shortly, she had the ear muffs. Immediately, people began clamoring to be first.

      "Is anybody here who is a direct switch?" Miss Furrpect asked. "I mean, they switched with the person who got their body?"

      A quick check resulted in a negative response.

      "Okay, we need to set up a spreadsheet and determine the most efficient sequence#," said Hub, from inside Karen's Father.

      "Hold it," said Ramet, from Jim's body. "We also need to find as many teachers as fast as we can. So first thing, put Freddy back into his body... I mean, her body, and she can split into three and cover three times as much ground."

      "Idea good," Doctor Sumt'ang judged.

      Freddy winced a bit as the earmuffs were placed on her head and Suzy's. A brief flicker of disorientation, and she was back home.

      "I'm on it!" she cried, in triplicate, as she hurried out the exit.

      "That reminds me," said Miss Furrpect, as Freddy left, "there's a duplicator gun somewhere in here. We can have more than one pair of exchange program units going at once!"

*    *    *

      Freddy hunted for teacher's bodies and people holding cards with teacher's names. The first half dozen came quickly; finding the next one took so much time Freddy decided to head back to the storeroom. By then a number of exchanges had taken place.

      Coach was back in his body, and using a copy of the earmuffs to help with the switching. The football player whose body he had occupied was now in the body of the player who had switched with the female player. Since the body she now occupied had not been found the second player was stuck there for the moment.

      George was back in his body, but this meant Paul was in Bamby's, which was not making him happy, since no-one would let her out of sight long enough for a little cross-gender exploration. Paul also whined she was having her period, but since Bamby's current whereabouts were unknown Paul was stuck.

      Hub was back in his body, which meant Karen's Father was in the body of Karen's Mother. That left an even switch between her parents. However, they were magnanimously holding off to let others go ahead.

      Ramet had switched with Jim, and so was now in Bl'fff's body, while Jim was back home.

      The old guy in Karen's body was switched back to his own form, which left the teenage girl in Karen's.

      The three fem-Freddys watched as Debbie was put back in her rightful body, which left Suzy in the body of the first football player. Satisfied that things were well in hand here, she went back out and looked for some more of the missing, now being accompanied by some of the folks who had been returned to their rightful bodies, plus Karen's crossed parents.

      One Freddy found several females under the bleachers playing with themselves. Under the reasonable assumption they had boys inside, she escorted them (forcibly in some cases) back to the storeroom.

      By now most of the teachers, including the principal and associate principal, were back where they belonged, and the exchanges were well-organized. Bl'fff, in spite of claiming she actually was one of the girls Freddy found under the bleachers, was put back in the right body, which put Ramet in some unknown girl's. Ramet then switched with Karen, which left him at home and Karen in the unknown girl.

      Freddy decided to take a break. She pulled herself together, and watched as Karen finally got switched back to her own body. Freddy and Karen hugged in reunion.

      "I think they've got enough help," Freddy told her, quietly. "Let's get out of here."

      They went to the girls' locker room, which was momentarily empty. Freddy stripped to take a shower, and was startled to see Karen doing likewise.

      "I've been so many people today I really want to get clean," she muttered in explanation.

      Freddy didn't sneak a peak while they showered; she looked openly, and with far more curiosity than lust. Karen didn't seem to care, either. Soon finished, they dried and dressed, Freddy in her boy clothes. Just in time, as other girls were entering, they left the locker room. Karen fished around in her hyperspatial handbag for her Boy/Girl Gun.

      "I can't find it," she stated, digging more frantically.

      "This isn't funny," said Freddy. "My Gender Guard isn't charged. I was expecting you to change me back."

      "I can't find it!" Karen repeated. "My wallet's gone, too! And some of my other stuff!"

      "You had your purse in your locker when we were in the shower," said Freddy, "so one of those girls who had your body must have taken it!"

      They hurried back to the storeroom where the last few people were still being switched back.

      "I'm sorry, but we didn't get their names," said Miss Furrpect, now back in her proper, and very sexy, feline body. "We've also found a lot of equipment missing. Hub's taking inventory."

      "Let me guess," sighed Freddy. "One of the missing items is the school's Boy/Girl Gun."

      Freddy turned out to be right. Also, no-one currently present had a charged Gender Guard. While Karen reported her missing items to the police (called to the stadium much earlier, but only now arriving at the storeroom) Freddy searched for some way to recover her lost manhood. With no success.

      "How am I going to explain this to my Uncle and Aunt?" Freddy wailed.

      "Just say you got sniped," Karen groused. "Listen, what are you complaining about? I lost my wallet, my Gun, and a whole bunch of other stuff."

      "Yeah, but I lost my thing!" countered Freddy.

      Their impending argument was aborted as Karen's parents walked up.

      "Well, everybody ready to go home?" asked Mrs. Polstice.

      "Not really," sighed Freddy.

      Since neither Karen's parents nor Freddy's aunt and uncle were supposed to know fem-Freddy and male-Freddy were the same person, the two girls didn't bother to explain.

      "Can we offer you a lift?" asked Mr. Polstice.

      "Thanks, but I rode my bike here," said Freddy.

      She and Karen hugged briefly, then parted.

      And as Freddy peddled home, an odd thought intruded into her gloom. She couldn't recall Karen's parents getting switched back...

      #I had to write a spreadsheet just to keep track of who was whom. :-)

      End Part Ten

      This story is Copyright 2001 Rodford Edmiston Smith. Anyone wishing to reprint or repost it must have permission from the author, who can be reached at: stickmaker@usa.net
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