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TFOS: Freddy On The Loose, Part 2


Rodford Edmiston

Note: This story uses background and concepts from the Teenagers From Outer Space role-playing game, Copyright 2001 R. Talsorian Games, Inc. The characters and story are Copyright 2001 Rodford Edmiston Smith.

The first real day of school was almost distressingly mundane. Oh, meeting the alien kids and teacher in his home room was interesting, but school turned out to be school, even with aliens present. The only other interesting thing about this first period was that the students were issued their hyperspatial library cards. Mostly it was pretty, well, normal. Fortunately, it was also busy, and the period passed quickly. As he hurried to his first real class, Freddy encountered Karen. He was happy to learn that she had nearly the same schedule he did, despite being in a different home room.

First class was English, which was as dull and boring as it would have been in a normal school. It didn't even have an alien teacher. History was next, and Freddy's first class with alien stuff in it. As he stood to leave after the bell rang his head swam with billions of years and light years. Feeling eager, now, Freddy headed to science class.

Unfortunately, his science teacher was Doctor Sumt'ang. Freddy gritted his teeth and concentrated. He liked science, but often had trouble with it, due mostly to teachers being so dry. Well, Doctor Sumt'ang certainly wasn't dry. In fact, he looked a bit slimy. When Freddy could decipher the alien's speech, most of what Doctor Sumt'ang said was interesting. For instance, just now, he was explaining basic perceptions of reality.

"Polarities there and continuous variations, are non-continuous variations," he announced, a holographic display over his head displaying examples of what he was describing. "Because sciences to focus on non-continuous grasp tend variations they are easiest to most."

Doctor Sumt'ang opened a case and produced an odd gadget, something which looked like the mutant offspring of a Supersoaker and a piece of modern art.

"Polarity volunteers for a need I a pair of demonstration."

Students glanced around, partly to see if anyone had untangled that, partly to see if anyone was actually going to volunteer. Freddy looked at Karen, who shrugged. Freddy shrugged back, and stood. Karen hesitated a moment, then followed. They walked to the front of the classroom.

"Excellent!" announced Doctor Sumt'ang. "Stand please there. Harm you assure to you no will I come."

He pointed the gadget at Freddie and zapped him. Instantly, Freddie found himself on the other side of the gender equation. Before anyone could react, Doctor Sumt'ang zapped Karen, producing a handsome teenage male.

"Is and reversed polarity!" Doctor Sumt'ang declared.

"Ah!" yelled Karen. "I'm a guy! And you're a girl!"

"Easily the is change reversible," Doctor Sumt'ang assured him.

Well, okay. While he might be hopeless at English, Doctor Sumt'ang was supposed to be quite competent at science. Karen and Freddy relaxed a bit. In fact, Freddy seemed to be enjoying herself.

"Whoah!" said Freddy, cupping her new breasts. "I always wondered what these felt like from the inside."

Karen flattened her with a desk. Unfortunately, Hrpblple was still sitting in it.

* * *

"Are you okay?" asked Karen contritely, as Freddy joined her - a bit late - in Civics/Social Sciences class.

"Oh, yeah," said Freddy, with a casual shrug. "The nurse had a lot more trouble with Hrpblple than with me. They had to scrape it off the floor and off me, pull the desk parts out of Hrpblple and put it all back together. Quite a mess. It was still trying to unscramble itself when I left. Then I had to hurry back to the lab and get re-malefied."

"Well, I'm sorry," Karen told him, lower lip trembling just a bit. "I guess I was just feeling confused by being changed like that. I'm really glad Doctor Sumt'ang changed me back right away."

"No problem," said Freddy, with a shrug. "I got to meet the school nurse. What a looker! You'd never believe she was oviparous."

Karen shifted position, glaring at him, but not quite ready to clobber him. She wasn't certain what that last word meant.

"Actually," continued Freddy, with a slight smile, oblivious to his near-flattening, "I'm kinda disappointed that I got changed into a girl and didn't even get to find out what it's like. I wouldn't mind being a girl for a while. It could be a voyage of discovery."

"You just want to get into the girls' locker room," was Karen's accusation.

"That, too," Freddy admitted.

They had to stop whispering then, because the teacher finally was ready to start class, having finished resorting the stack of papers she had knocked off the desk. She took role - doing a pretty good job on the human names - then began the lesson.

This class was being taught by Miss Furrpect, the felinoid who had attracted Freddy's attention the morning of the arrival. Someone had apparently told her about Earth mores, because she was actually wearing quite a bit more clothing now than then. Almost enough to be allowed in a public pool.

"One of the most important tools in the study of cultures different from your own is going native," said Miss Furrpect, her English impeccable, her purring voice threatening alternately to anesthetize and arouse. "The better an observer can fit in, the more that observer is able to learn things about the culture. Today we will cover the methods used to do this, including one of the most important: the exchange program."

She opened a box and brought out two pairs of what looked like ear muffs.

"I need a volunteer for a demonstration of how the exchange program works."

Freddy had had enough of volunteering for one day, but someone goosed him from behind and he stood up with a yelp.

"Oh, excellent! It's good to see young people with such an enthusiasm for science!"

Well, there was nothing else to do, now, unless he wanted to look completely uncool. Freddie forced a smile onto his face and sauntered up to Miss Furrpect, acting as calm and collected as possible. She smiled briefly at Freddy, put one pair of earmuffs on him, the other on herself, then tripped a switch.

Freddy had a moment of vertigo, then an odd feeling of displacement. The feeling persisted, as Freddy realized he was standing to the right of where he had been. And there were other things wrong. Like the fact he was in Miss Furrpect's body!

"I am now in Freddy's body, and he's in mine," Freddy heard his voice say, from the left. "Normally this sort of exchange is only made after careful negotiations and binding agreements, but for short-term classroom demonstration purposes this sort of casual arrangement is allowed."

Freddy was not paying much attention to the explanation. It was all she could do to keep her claw-tipped hands off her furry breasts. She was blatantly staring down through Miss Furrpect's ample cleavage. Only Karen's familiar, irate throat-clearing brought Freddy out of it in time to look up at the class as Miss Furrpect switched them back. Freddy blinked himself back into alignment, and noticed Karen glaring at him. He sighed. Again, female for a few moments, again switched back with no opportunity to explore, and again his girlfriend was mad at him over it. And it wasn't even noon yet!

* * *

Lunch brought more chances to try alien foods. And another betting pool. "Will Freddy eat it?" was becoming a popular pastime. Karen, partly in disgust at his diet and partly to gossip with other girls, was sitting elsewhere. Ramet and his group were again at the next table.

"I heard you had your first experience with a Boy/Girl Gun today," the chocolate-skinned alien snickered.

"Yeah. I also got to know Miss Furrpect from the inside, if you know what I mean."

"You got mind-switched with her?!" exclaimed the spider, whose name was Bl'fff T'chrrrttt. "Wow! She's hot!"

"Does this sort of thing happen often?" asked Freddy.

"That and a lot of other stuff," laughed Ramet. "You get used to it. Though I guess it's a lot less strange to us natural shapeshifters."

Ramet shifted form into a female version of himself.

"See what I mean?" she said, shrugging and pushing her long, pink hair back out of her face. "It's no big deal."

"Hubba-hubba!" exclaimed Bl'fff, quickly sidling up to Ramet. "So, are you seeing anybody?"

"Back off, fang face," said Ramet, good-naturedly pushing him away.

"Is that a complete change?" Freddy asked, as Ramet shifted back to what appeared to be his normal form. "Physiological, genetic, everything?"

"Everything except history," said Ramet. "Some folks can do even that, altering reality. Most shapeshifters can only change their shape, though; only a few of us can go down to the genetic level."

The alien boy seemed a bit smug about this.

"Whoah," said Freddy, boggled.

"Do Miss Furrpect!" demanded Bl'fff.

"I don't do requests, you horny bug," muttered Ramet.

"Horny?" said Bl'fff, puzzled. "I don't have horns."

* * *

Arts and crafts class was right after lunch. Freddy at first paid little attention, thinking this would be a boring, sissy class. Until, that is, the instructor, a female and nearly human alien, said something about learning basic anatomy, stood on a pedestal and took! Off! Her! Clothes!

Freddy was just about to hemorrhage from the nose, when he realized she didn't have anything but bare skin. That is, she was no more anatomically correct than a doll. A kid's doll.

There was an odd stillness in the class, followed by a sort of wordless confusion.

"Uh..." began one human male, "how are we supposed to learn anatomy for drawing and such, if you don't have any?"

"Well, you're all under age by local laws," the teacher explained, smiling. "Once you're 18 I'll show you more."

Yet another disappointment.

On the other hand, it soon became apparent the teacher was not only an artist, but a shapeshifter. She ran through (blandly innocent) examples of the most common sentient species in the universe, even providing examples of sexual dimorphism, before returning to nearly human female. Which appeared to be her base form. Freddy wondered how much a model like that could earn from artists. Or men's magazines.

* * *

Finally, the best part of school. Gym was the last class of the day, and Freddy was really looking forward to it. If nothing else, he had a lot of sexual frustration to work off.

Miz Klupper - looking very striking in her nearly skin-tight leotard - took the females and neuters in hand, and Coach the guys and herms. Most of the exercises were pretty basic, though that didn't necessarily mean they were easy. Coach took notes, and commented that he'd handicap those more physically able in later classes.

Freddy's first partner was a herm, a gul built like a linebacker and sporting both sizeable breasts and a bulge in the front of hir pants. Freddy found the experience very confusing. One part of him wanted to flirt with hir female side, and another to pal around with the male aspect. He felt really confused when the gul patted him on the rump. Just what did sie mean by that? And what would a Boy/Girl Gun do to one of them? Did he even really want to know?

Fortunately, they changed partners often, and the true hermaphrodites were rare, with just 3 of them in the class. Freddy worked with human guys, and alien guys who appeared human, and even Bl'fff. The arachnid was both stronger and tougher than he looked, and quite fast.

One of the more interesting exercises was the rope climb, which none of the aliens seem to have encountered before. Their different approaches were quite instructive. Bl'fff did particularly well at this, skittering up it like a spider up its safety line. One human-looking guy simply flew upwards, one hand trailing on the rope. Coach made a lot of notes for him. Hrpblple got up the rope by the simple (well, for it) expedient of flowing around it, extending some of itself along the length of the rope to the top, then flowing the rest up after it. For some reason, no-one wanted to go up the rope after he was finished.

Freddy almost missed his turn; he was busy staring at the girls doing their rope climb. When Coach called his attention, Freddy did quite well. Though he did wonder why the rope was a bit damp.

In the last quarter of the hour they all got together for soccer, several nets being produced and several teams being formed. Freddy proved himself to be a holy terror. That is, until the other team realized putting their most buxom girl at the net and having her jump up and down a lot produced a significant detriment to his performance.

Finally, gym period was over. As the students separated into their various gender groups and wandered towards the appropriate locker rooms, Freddy found out what happened when someone tried to enter the wrong door. One of the neuters accidentally approached the herm entrance, and was struck by a fat, blue-white bolt of lightning, while warning lights flashed and a siren whooped. The poor thing was left a smoking pile of goo on the floor.

"Hey, Ramet," Freddy called. "What would happen if you changed into a girl and tried their door?"

"I'm in no hurry to find out," the alien boy replied, feelingly.

"Guess I can understand that," said Freddy, grinning.

Still, he couldn't help but wonder... and think about all that luscious, female flesh, wet and soapy and bare...

Freddy was almost to his locker when he realized he would have to wait a bit before stripping to shower. He sighed, and tried to think about something else. Fortunately, that was easy, as various alien guys were stripping around him, with varying degrees of modesty. Freddy wasn't interested in guys - well, not in that way - but he was curious.

Most were fairly normal. They either looked like human boys, or various Earth animals. Bl'fff, of course, didn't wear clothes at all, and simply walked into the showers straight from the gym. Freddy was a bit embarrassed about wanting to look at these guys, but soon realized that many of them - even some of the aliens - had never seen some of the species present in the locker and were also curious. Fortunately, Freddy had his libido back under control by now, and stripped with little thought.

A large part of the group spent a few minutes comparing notes and anatomy. Freddy was pleased to see that he was about the best endowed human in the room, but a couple of the aliens - one almost human, the other really weird - made him look like a girl. And one of the non-human bipeds proudly demonstrated that his was prehensile!

"I've heard that males of Bl'fff's species have two," Ramet muttered to Freddy, grinning.

Shivering a bit at that thought, Freddy headed for the showers.

* * *

Freddy smiled as he walked out the side door, towards the bike racks. No bus for him today! He'd pointed out to his Aunt that the trip to and from school was actually a bit shorter than his morning paper route. She'd agreed he could ride his bike in nice weather, without defining what she meant by "nice." Which meant Freddy was free to use his definition.

The bike was his pride and joy, a top of the line mountain bike as rugged, functional and unpretentious as its owner. Freddy had earned every penny it cost, working several odd jobs and scrimping and saving. He patted the seat as he approached, then bent to work the combination.

"You treat that thing like a pet," said Karen.

"Oh, hey!" Freddy greeted, rising to give her a hug, lifting her, giggling, off the ground. "I thought that was your bike over there. Want to ride with me? We go the same route part of the way."

"Sure," said Karen, earlier irritation forgotten.

As the two youngsters rode off together, Freddy looked back on his day and smiled again. Sure, there had been some rough spots, but overall things had gotten off to a good start.

End Part Two

This story is Copyright 2001 Rodford Edmiston Smith. Anyone wishing to reprint or repost it must have permission from the author, who can be reached at: stickmaker@usa.net.

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