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      While revising Masks XII before posting on my Web page, I came up with an idea for a character whose story would begin late in that tale and continue in XIII. However, I soon realized it worked better as a stand-alone. So, this story became XIII and what would have been XIII is now XIV.

      Note that this story has much teenage angst, swearing, sexual situations and so forth. Here we go...

Masks XIII: The Other Half


Rodford Edmiston

Masks 13 Published!

Doppler Press has brought out my thirteenth Masks story as a Kindle e-book through Amazon, as of September 24, 2020!

Masks 13: The Other Half

This is a long one. It's the origin story for Vic Peltior, who has a tragic accident which awakens his powers. Only, they turn out to be her powers! Will 13 turn out to be lucky or unlucky for Vic?

      This document is Copyright 2020 Rodford Edmiston Smith. Anyone wishing to reproduce it must obtain permission from the author, who can be contacted at: stickmaker@usa.net