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Masks Series V


Rodford Edmiston

Masks 8 Published!

Doppler Press has brought out my eighth Masks story as a Kindle e-book through Amazon, as of January 19, 2019!

Masks 8: Love is a Mask

When the opportunity arises for Lawrence Hawthorne to investigate accusations against his long dead mentor, detective Mack Risk, he recruits several other friends of Mack to help. This results in a group of superhumans in late middle age - and older - going on an expedition into the Rockies near the Canadian border. If the police knew about this there'd be a manhunt. If their life insurance companies knew they would cancel their policies. There's life in these aging men, yet. As well as super powers. They're engaged in serious business, but there's no reason not to have fun while doing it. This is shorter and has more sex than most Masks stories.

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