Application Compatibility



Using the application compatibility wizard you can tell Vista that an application needs to run in administrator (elevated) mode if . There are a couple of ways of doing this. One is via the application compatibility wizard. The quickest way to get to the compatibility wizard is via Help and Support. Towards the bottom of the panel in the "Information from Microsoft" section, the second option is "Get your programs to work on this version Windows".

Launch app wiz - click for larger image

Clicking that option will bring up a panel from which you can launch the Program Compatibility Wizard.

2nd step - click for larger image

As you work through the screens you'll get to a panel where you can specify that the program needs to run with Administrator rights.

Compatability wiz admin option - click for larger image

Alternatively you can use explorer to locate the file, right click, select properties and go to the Compatibility tab. You'll find the option the system this program needs to run with administrator rights.

Properties sheet - click for larger image

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