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The Fox Kid: Changing Places


Rodford Edmiston

      "Wow!" gasped Tina, leaning back and fanning himself, "that was certainly different!"

      His face was a bright red, his broad, muscular chest heaving with rapid breathing, now slowly returning to normal.

      "I'll say," How agreed. She lifted herself a bit and settled back, her body covered with a fine sheen of perspiration. "My whole body is tingling."

      She rubbed her small hands up and down her delicate arms.

      "It was so intense," Tina elaborated, paying no attention to How's fondling herself. "So... focused. Not at all like I'm used to."

      "I'm not sure I like it this way," How declared, pursing her pretty lips in a thoughtful pout.

      "Well, I think I could get used to this, but I like it better the other way," agreed Tina, chuckling.

      "Its what you're used to, I guess," said How, shrugging, her hair bouncing around her shoulders.

      "So... want to try it again?" asked Tina, grinning at his foxy lover.

      How tentatively reached out and took hold of a stem, and lifted the habanero up to eye level, regarding it carefully. Then she shook her head.

      "I don't think so. Normally I just pop a whole one in my mouth and start chewing. This time I took one little nibble and my whole body felt hot."

      "Yeah, and I burned my mouth, but hardly felt a thing anywhere else," said Tina, nodding. "Who'd have thought that just changing genders would've made eating peppers so different?"


      This work is Copyright 1998 by Rodford Edmiston Smith, who can be reached at: stickmaker@usa.net. Please contact the author for permission before reposting or reprinting. Thank you.