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invisible.gif - 82 BytesGreetings fellow citizens of the Earth:

invisible.gif - 82 BytesMy name is Kenneth Gardner Wingate. I live in Frankfort, Kentucky, which is located
invisible.gif - 82 Bytesin the United States of America. Please allow me to welcome you to the kingdom of heaven
invisible.gif - 82 Bytesupon the Earth.

invisible.gif - 82 Bytes It is time for me to reveal the absolute truth to the entire world. I have had extensive,
invisible.gif - 82 Bytesmeaningful, and miraculous contact with GOD. In 1969, I experienced my first miracle. I
invisible.gif - 82 Bytes experienced a second miracle in 1973. Beginning in the winter of 1975, I experienced
invisible.gif - 82 Bytesmiracles almost daily for nearly two years. These miracles have diminished over time. The
invisible.gif - 82 Byteslast miracle I experienced was on April 4, 1997. GOD controlled every aspect of all of
invisible.gif - 82 Bytesthese miracles. I was merely a puppet.

invisible.gif - 82 Bytes Collectively, these miracles were organized and structured in such a way that they
invisible.gif - 82 Byteswere designed to teach me about GOD. It was apparent to me that massive intelligence
invisible.gif - 82 Byteswas behind these miracles. It also became apparent to me that this massive intelligence
invisible.gif - 82 Byteswas GOD. This whole series of events amounted to me being baptized in the Holy Spirit.
invisible.gif - 82 BytesThus, I claim that GOD, who made extensive use of miracles to accomplish his task, has
invisible.gif - 82 Bytesbaptized me in the Holy Spirit.

invisible.gif - 82 Bytes GOD commanded me to, “Let your lights so shine before all men that they may see
invisible.gif - 82 Bytesyour good works, and glorify the Father who art in heaven”. In response to this
invisible.gif - 82 Bytescommand, I have written a book, “GOD Glorified – Revelation Of The Absolute Truth”.
invisible.gif - 82 BytesThe writing of this book is an important first step for me to take in my efforts to obey
invisible.gif - 82 BytesGOD’S commandment. I believe this book contains information that is extremely important
invisible.gif - 82 Bytesto the entire world. (Note: I would like to point out the fact that this book is extremely
invisible.gif - 82 Bytesdeep, and part of it is scientific in nature. The first 96 pages of this book are in the form of
invisible.gif - 82 Bytesa scientific proof. The average person is not likely to be able to easily understand certain
invisible.gif - 82 Bytesparts of this book. However, this is a book that is intended to be for everyone. Any person
invisible.gif - 82 Byteswho reads this book should strive to understand as much of it as possible. Study improves
invisible.gif - 82 Bytesunderstanding.)

invisible.gif - 82 Bytes I sincerely hope to be successful in my efforts to enlighten the world. My plan is to
invisible.gif - 82 Bytesglorify GOD by revealing the absolute truth. This revelation will provide the basis for
invisible.gif - 82 Bytesdestroying the kingdom of hell upon the Earth, and simultaneously, creating the kingdom of
invisible.gif - 82 Bytesheaven upon the Earth. I invite you to read, print, and/or download this book free of any
invisible.gif - 82 Bytescharge. Please consider this book to be the beginning of my gift to the world.

invisible.gif - 82 BytesThis book is divided into two parts. The first part includes the title pages, the table of
invisible.gif - 82 Bytescontents, and the preface. The second part contains the actual text of the book. This book is
invisible.gif - 82 Bytesin a .pdf format to make it easier to read. This means that you will need to have Adobe
invisible.gif - 82 BytesAcrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to read this document. If you do not
invisible.gif - 82 Bytesalready have it installed on your computer, click here to install Adobe Acrobat Reader free
invisible.gif - 82 Bytesof any charge

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